Nightmare Fuel

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Participatory archives according to ChatGPT.

Once there was an old, dusty image archive hidden deep within the stacks of a forgotten library. The archive was said to contain photographs and illustrations dating back to the earliest days of photography, but it was said to be cursed.


Those who dared to enter the archive would often emerge with tales of strange and terrifying visions. Some claimed to have seen grotesque, otherworldly beings lurking in the shadows of the photographs, while others reported feeling an overwhelming sense of dread and unease while within the archive's walls.


Despite the warning, a young scholar became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of the archive. He spent countless hours pouring over the images, studying the bizarre and inexplicable phenomena captured within them.


But as he delved deeper into the archive, he began to notice something even more disturbing. The images seemed to be changing, shifting and twisting in ways that should not be possible. Horrible, monstrous figures seemed to be emerging from the shadows, reaching out as if to grab him.


The scholar soon realized that the archive was not simply a collection of photographs, but a gateway to a realm of unspeakable horrors. The beings within the archive were not mere figments of his imagination, but malevolent entities that sought to pull him into their realm of eternal darkness.


He tried to leave but he found that the door was locked, and he was trapped inside the archive. He screamed and cried for help, but nobody heard him. He realized that his obsession with the archive has led him to his doom.


The archive was never opened again, and the scholar's fate remains unknown.

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